Comrads Down Tonight

The bomb could be felt from 10 blocks away. The small arm fire fight was just as clear.

14 people have been killed so far.

Kabul favorite restaurant amongst the foreigner crowd, was attacked with a body born bomb attackĀ  followed by lots of small arms fire.

foreigners and nationals dead

If you have ever eaten at La Taverna, you will join me in hoping that the little boy who begged every night in front of the place, come rain, wind or shine, didn’t get caught up in the event.

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One Response to “Comrads Down Tonight”

  1. Elsie says:

    The death toll in this horrendous attack has climbed to 21 or more. I remember being in the restaurant a few times. This doesn’t bode well for what will happen when many of the US and allied troops leave. Pres. Karzai calls on the international community to help reach a deal with the Taleban in the aftermath of this heinous act by the Taleban. This is one rotten reaction. So glad you weren’t there, Mar. I realize your movements will be even more restricted. I hope you’ve grown a pair of eyes on your back by now. Condolences to the families of all those people killed. Sigh.

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