Uncertain Times

Just over a week ago Kabul was rocked by the attack on a restaurant killing 21 people. Within this week several bombers blew themselves up against Afghan Police forces. Lots of “posturing” to let people know.  In the meantime Karzai says he won’t sign the agreement with US to keep troops here and security strong unless the US stops giving money to the Pakistan government. Each day at work, we sit and think about how to plan programming and staff location with the upcoming election on April 5th. Who stays in country? Which internationals leave for some time?  How do we handle programming in the field during that time.  School would have just started for the year, and then elections, with many polling places located at schools.  Will the Ministry of Education begin school early?  Will they just wait until the whole election process is over?       Everything is a moving target here.  Makes one work on Plan A, B, C, D, E, F……………………….

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  1. Elsie says:

    There are many ‘ifs’ for you and the other people working there. The elections are fast approaching and I hope that they happen in relative peace. Most of all, I hope that whoever gets elected realizes what’s at stake if indeed US troops and allied troops pull out altogether or partially. I have been reading about humanitarian aid drying up. I think what you and others do to keep education moving forward is essential. We can’t allow that vital component of a functioning country to be neglected once again. Yet, I personally can’t afford seeing such wonderful friend like you getting hurt. My house is your house should you need to take a break there. Much love, Elsie

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