Inequality in Kabul

In our old office there was plenty of men’s bathrooms and the 2 female bathrooms didn’t work, were wet and dirty and had no light. We lived with unattended to emails asking for upgrades, lines to use the dirty places, and eye rolling to complaints that the women’s needs weren’t attended to.

In our new office, there are so many bathrooms that nearly all offices (but mine) have a toilet in them, but people aren’t using them because it isn’t appropriate to use the bathroom if someone is in the room next door ( you might make noises that aren’t proper), and if the office has men and women in them, then absolutely not a space to use.  So the men are limited to the “common” bathrooms on each floor.  Well there isn’t enough of them for toileting and aboluting before prayers.

The men are emailing complaints for lack of facilities.  Guess what.  Action being taken

Even though we just celebrated Women’s Day we still have made to many steps forward, as men’s need matter more than women’s need in AFG.

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One Response to “Inequality in Kabul”

  1. Lynn Matthews says:

    That’s amazing Marianne – how different things are between here and there. Things so taken for granted here are like winning battles over there!

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